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Is shampoo truly fulfilling its promise to maintain, strengthen and fortify your hair, or is it slowly withering it away?

Dear Enthusiast Of Alluring Hair,

Your hair is quite possibly the most defining characteristic of your entire body. It describes you in ways that nothing else can. Each and every strand is a physical extension of your mind, a visual representation of your unique genetic code mixed with your own personal sense of style.

We all know our entire bodies have always been the most powerful form of visual expression. But for the most part, we don't get to show the whole thing off too often. Your hair is that lucky part of you that always gets to be naked!

You just can't hide your hair..

Well.. I guess you could hide it with a hat or something, but that is no fun. And that is not what nature intended for your head..

Hair is meant to breathe and be free and when it comes time to show it off, it has too be vibrant, healthy and unquestionably clean.


Do you truly know what you are cleaning your hair with? Have you ever looked up some of the ingredients on your bottle of shampoo?

Well if you haven't, I don't blame you. It can be almost impossible to pronounce some of those substances, and finding valid or coherent research for some of that stuff can be quite the laborious task. If you were to try this now, chances are the only ingredient you would find recognizable is water.

You see..

All these products that your cosmetologists will swear by are composed almost entirely of chemicals and synthetic substances.

Even those so called "natural" shampoos have abrasive detergents that strip your hair of its remarkable ability to protect itself from damage. In fact, every hair product that you see lining the shelves is detrimental to your health in some way..

How could this be?

Well, have you ever wondered why it is you can keep a bottle of shampoo in your shower for weeks, months or even years? This is because all these bottles of shampoo and conditioner are packed with preservatives and various stabilizers which give them such unnaturally long shelf lives.

But this is only a small taste of the horrors that are lurking inside your shampoo..

"Horrors, you say? Come on now.. This is good ole' shampoo we're talking about here!"

Ok.. Before you consider me a raving lunatic, read on..

There is one very common ingredient found in shampoo that serves many multi-functional purposes:

Glycol Definition
..Or in other words: IT'S ANTIFREEZE!

Chemical compounds in the glycol family are running rampid in the industry of personal care and cleaning products. Glycol can be found in numerous lotions, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes and even baby soap products. These alcohol agents are deemed necessary by many manufactures because they allow their products to be shipped to multiple climate regions around the world without being sabotaged by temperature fluctuations.

They even use glycol to provide an abnormal emollient-like texture to their products, and it is often added for the sole purpose of producing an alluring "pearly gloss" appearance.

Seriously.. Just look at the mysteriously iridescent surface of some of these products. Do you really want to be putting that on your body?

At this point, I know you may be thinking..

"When did you become such a stickler for all this shampoo and whatnot? This stuff has been around for ages."

Well, the day I decided to dedicate myself to a completely natural hair care routine was the very same day I came to realize exactly what shampoo is. And oddly enough, it is no more than what its name claims to be:

A big fat SHAM made with nothing but POO

Shampoo alone is a multi-billion dollar industry praying on your addiction to cleanliness..


Yes.. Quite literal in that sense indeed..

The shampoo & conditioner combo is nothing more than an unhealthy, habit-forming cycle.

The massive combination of unnatural ingredients in shampoo and conditioner is a mischievously devious formula to say the least...

The shampoo comes in and strips every thing away from your hair including its naturally protective layer of sebum, which is your head's unique way of maintaining strong and silky hair strands. This leaves you feening for hydration and literally dependent on an external source of moisture.

This is when you apply conditioner and bombard your head with an array of synthetic emollients, detanglers, acidifiers, lubricants, anti-static and glossing agents such as Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone (silicone polymers) that coat your hair strands inducing the appearance of a "reflective" surface.

All the while, these synthetic substances are creeping into your pores and disrupting the composition of your scalps natural oil (sebum) forcing your hair to be even greasier and more unnatural looking each time it builds up. This becomes clearly unattractive, and now you are hooked. This clever formula has ensured another repeat customer.. The cycle starts all over again... . . .

This lather, rinse, repeat routine is one of the most unnatural and commonly shared activities of the human race.

In all reality, your hair and scalp simply don't agree with any of the inorganic materials and detergents that are present in these store-bought hair products. And yes.. I said detergents, the exact same synthetic stuff you use to clean your dishes and clothes.

When you line them up, all detergents are essentially the same..

They are extremely cheap, chemically derived and they are all classified as surfactants. The surfactants are the cleansers of the formula. They are what keep you hooked on the poo. The essential function of these surfactants is the breaking of surface tension inside a substance such as oil, grease, grime, dirt.. .. .. skin.. . .

Once these substances are broken down, they are easily rinsed away.

This is the simple science of shampoo, and there is nothing wrong with science. In fact, this would be perfectly fine if the surfactant was gentle, natural and wasn't leaving your scalp cracked and your hair bone-dry.

And of course.. When your hair feels dry as a bone, you have to replenish it with some conditioner right?


What you gotta do is clean your hair with an all natural, nonabrasive surfactant. This is what we have been doing for years, and our hair is loving us for it..

Luke Ryan

Hi and welcome to Berry Hairy

Yes.. We are MEN.. And Yes.. We care a great deal about our HAIR!

We have been best friends for a long time.. We grew up together and even as kids, we had this odd inclination for smashing and mashing random fruits into our head. At the time, it was just pure fun and enjoyment. But as we grew older, we realized we were actually doing ourselves a favor..

This seemingly ridiculous activity of ours has now evolved into a more scientifically appropriate form of hair nourishment. Over the years, we have studied and tested countless natural ingredients and recipes while recording our progress along the way.

We are now fully capable of creating our own all natural, homemade and completely customized line of beauty products. This is what we want to share with you, the compilation of all our hard work and our immense passion for natural remedies.

We have found great joy in
the relaxing art of homemade hair therapy,
and we want you to be able to do the same!

We do apologize for not introducing ourselves earlier, but it truly is important for you to understand exactly what is being rubbed into your skin. You can't be too cautious when it comes to your health, and all this synthetic stuff is a lot more harmful than you may realize.

But I am not just talking about dry and brittle hair here..

Many of these substances are capable of transdermal absorption, which means they have the ability to seep deep beneath your skin and infiltrate your blood stream. Once inside your blood stream, they travel throughout your entire body and can maintain residual levels in various bodily organs such as the heart, lungs, liver and even the brain. Some of these foreign substances even show links to cancer development in many different regions of the body.

And this stuff is getting rubbed in on a CONSISTENT BASIS!!

Honestly, we do not delight in scaring you, but this stuff really is scary..

Not very many people care to look too deep into all these synthetic substances that are barging their way into our bodies, but we are experiencing a full on health care crisis in this day and age..

...Nevertheless, we can recover. When it comes to getting healthy, one truth remains the same..

Nature Has Been And
Always Will Be The Answer!

There is no denying the medicinal power of plants. Mother Earth has provided us with an incredibly intricate array of organic substances that all have their own uniquely potent revitalizing properties.

I mean.. Even when you go to purchase hair products at the store, what do you see them advertising all over their bottles?

"Infused With Avocado"

"Fortified With Grapefruit Antioxidant"

"Breakthrough Tea Tree Treatment"

"Extract Of Aloe Vera"

"Spearmint Skin Toner"

Nature has proven its purity and effectiveness time and time again. These companies try to include these miracle herbs along side the synthetics in their formulas, but most can only manage small percentages.

Some products, I will have to admit, are actually made from natural sources. But the problem is, those high-quality hair cleaners and conditioners can be extremely expensive, and they can still only afford to use small percentages of the good stuff..

Consequently, the ingredients they use are merely extracts or derivatives of the plant part. It is almost impossible and extremely costly for these companies to effectively preserve fresh, organic substances while still rocking the 100% natural logo. Not to mention..

It is even more impossible to put a patent on a naturally occurring substance!..

The fact of the matter is, these big name companies don't have the ability to make shampoos out of PURE PLANT like this:

Double Sweet Basil Replenisher
Double Sweet Basil Replenisher

That cleansing growth stimulator you see there is composed of Freshly Juiced Basil Leaf, Pure Aloe Vera, Homebrewed Saponin Liquid and a little bit of Sweet Almond Oil for conditioning with a pinch of Sweet Basil Essential Oil for a deeply sweet, herbaceous fragrance. Altogether, the price of the particular amount of ingredients used to make 1 cup of that basil cleaner was less than 55 cents!!

Ohhh!... Wait!

I forgot to tell you about our Secret Weapon

Yes... Our secret soapy weapon that keeps our hair spot free and clear of excess oil..

Well, I guess it is not really a secret because we are about to share it with you right now:


That there is the Indian Soapberry (Sapindus Mukorossi). Inside the paricarp of these bulbous berries, is a naturally occurring compound called Saponin.

Saponin is a surfactant much like detergent and soap. Saponin, however, is completely natural, nonabrasive and not manually produced through the means of chemical reactions. It is a pure, raw cleanser grown straight from the earth.

What's more, saponin based cleansers are physically ideal for topical application to the skin and hair. Depending on the density, a pure saponin mixture will be anywhere between 4 - 6 pH. Hair and skin have a balance of 5 pH. Detergent is commonly between 9 - 12 pH!!!

This stuff cleans about as gently as it gets, but it is still just as strong as it is gentle. You can actually densify the saponin in your cleansers to achieve even the strongest measures of oil removal. The strength of the surfactant action can be completely tailored to fit your personal preferences.

Needless to say, we haven't touched a bottle of shampoo in years.. But... Our question is to you:

If you can clean and nourish your hair with nature, why even bother with synthetics?

We have been asking our friends and family this for years, and the answer is always a no-brainer. Cleaning your hair with nature is undeniably the healthiest way wash, and lets face it.. We all need a good wash every once and a while.

This will always be true, but nourishment and moisture are just as essential for the health of your hair.

Don't worry though.. We got you covered on that too.. In fact, we are going to teach you how to make a full line of hair care products..

Check Out Some More Of Our Creations..

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Sweet Jasmine Infusion - Pink Rose Water

You may have guessed by now that Berry Hairy is a recipe book. Well, that's kind of true, but a recipe book is something that sits on your counter, never gets used and never gets better.

Berry Hairy is a book that we intend to continue improving upon and updating for the rest of our lives. We have some 250+ recipes in here now, but we have a whole list of recipe ideas that are waiting to be tested and written into the book. And of course, all updates and new recipes will be free of charge to our users.

Honestly though.. We are at this every day..

..studying and discovering new ingredients and possibilities. There is literally an endless array of natural ingredient combinations that work to serve very unique purposes. We hope to get close to finding them all!

Click Here To Order Now: $11

So.. This is what we offer to you..

The most complete guide to all natural hair care and revitalization ever created!

Of course, there is a lot more in this book than just recipes. The health of your hair isn't solely influenced by the things you lather on top. Hair is a reflection of health, and it needs a healthy body in order to grow strong and abundant.

There is much to learn when it comes to discovering your own perfect formula for naturally healthy and devastating beautiful hair, but don't worry.. We got you covered..

Here is a sample of just some of the concepts you will learn inside Berry Hairy:

How to identify useful ingredients and the unique purposes they serve for your head?

How to counter common hair problems such as frizz, damage and dandruff?

How to work with butters, creams and waxes?

What is sebum, and why is it important for your hair?

How to save money by developing your own hair care creations?

Which emollient substances are best for healing and repairing damaged skin?

What are the best stimulating substances for enhancing hair growth?

What are the best anti-aging ingredients for deterring hair loss and the greying of hair?

How to choose essential oils based on their fragrance and the unique medicinal properties they posses?

How to properly thicken formulas based on your select group of ingredients?

How to create emulsions of various immiscible liquids?

Where to find the highest quality ingredients available and for the best prices?

What is the best way to make tea, and how to make it less astringent?

Which ingredients contain color enhancing properties and how to use them?

How to filter liquids down to the finest degree?

How to properly utilize fresh plant parts?

What are humectants / anti-humectants and when should you use them?

How to create floral waters and herbal infusions?

How to preserve these organic substances?

Please.. Do not get discouraged by everything there is to learn. Making your own personalized beauty products is pretty simple, and in all honesty it is very therapeutic. There is a certain reward and sense of satisfaction in being able to benefit from your own healthy, homemade creations. Not to mention, almost all of the recipes inside our book can be made in under 5 minutes. Some can even be whipped together in 20 seconds flat!!

We know this stuff works, and we want you to experience exactly what it feels like to have hair that is lusciously soft, strong and truly full of life.

Rest assured.. The recipes and concepts in our book are the absolute best ways to care for your hair on the planet. There is literally no product in the world that can compare to your very own, personalized creations. Everybody has there own unique head of hair and nobody knows your head quite like you do.

Homemade hair care is perfect
for all hair types and styles!

Being able to attend to your head in your own individual way is what Berry Hairy is all about..

Even if you are losing your hair and
are searching for a miracle, there
is no better place to look than nature!

This stuff works wonders like you wouldn't believe. In fact, there is nothing else that works better. Nature is the most powerful force of all, and its potency can truly only be understood by experiencing it first hand..

All these natural concepts and organic remedies have done nothing but enhance our lives. We have found the soft and silky hair we were looking for and a whole lot more. When you start working with this stuff, you will be surprised of all the additional health benefits that come from soaking in these naturally nutrifying, stimulating, alleviating and rejuvenating ingredients.

We know you will love the results you experience from switching to a perfectly natural, luxurious and affordable hair care routine. We truly hope that you buy our book and try this for yourselves. We have put our hearts and souls into the formation of this book, and after 5 long years of development we finally have it completed.

This is our life's work..

..and we have been waiting a long time to finally share it with the world.

We are so excited for people to start reading our book that we are currently offering it for the small price of $18! Take action now! This offer won't be up long.

Download Berry Hairy right now and experience the power of treating your hair to nothing but nature!

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A Note To The Buyer: "Berry Hairy" is a digital guide in PDF format which will become available for you immediately upon payment, even if it is 2am! If you have any questions or need tech support, simply send an email to:

We will respond within 12 - 24 hours.